Saturday, April 30, 2016 Created

Today I created a new section of specifically for Extraterrestrial related information. This section of the website is experimental and may not be updated nearly as often as my main page.

I have been avoiding speaking about my extraterrestrial contact on because I did not want to tarnish the credibility of the important technological conspiracy information I have been publishing. Extraterrestrial information even that which is true, is just not compatible or credible with the vast majority of people. However I know people are interested in these subjects, and people deserve the truth... So I will be occasionally writing an article on this section of the website.

I have important information from my extraterrestrial contact to share in the coming months/years related to disclosure and global first contact. One of my main goals is to document messages from extraterrestrials relating to the malicious opposition they have received regarding a global first contact. They have revealed to me that the US Military and it's co-conspirators have set up numerous psychological operations with the intent of making global first contact harder to do smoothely, thus perhaps delaying it to a later time. Basically through human based directed energy weapon psychological operations, the setting up of weaponized information targeted at the time period of global first contact has taken place.

On this section of the website I will be covering Disclosure, Global First Contact, Extraterrestrial Aspects of the Technological Conspiracy in the World Today, and the Extraterrestrial Reality/Conspiracy in General based on my contacts and experiences.

Being a true Extraterrestrial contactee is hard not only because people ostracize you, but the field of extraterrestrial contact on the internet is so full of military disinformation that honestly it completely turns me off from writing about the extraterrestrial reality. That is one reason of many I have been mostly silent about the subjects of Extraterrestrials lately. But in time there could be a resurgence of information on this website if I find people are engaged and interested in my extraterrestrial testimony...

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